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Where do I begin?

They say some things are just meant to be and when I received the first message from Megan and Bryant, I was so excited to  respond back.  We planned a date to talk over the phone about their upcoming wedding and when the day came, the time came…and went!  No phone call.  I was bummed.  A few hours later I received a phone call (that I missed) and when I realized that call was from Oregon…it hit me! This couple was from Oregon and hadn’t realized that I was in Virginia and even though they called at the ‘right’ time…their time was 3 hours behind.  I responded telling them what I had realized, only to receive a reply back with…we fell in love with YOUR work and we still want to book with YOU!  How honored I felt! It was truly meant to be and we were instantly connected.  We spoke by phone a few times prior to their wedding to get details worked out, etc… and I just felt so connected to them!

The trip to Oregon was beautiful and the views were breathtaking.  To be able to share in this life moment of Megan + Bryant’s true Love Story with this sweet couple and their supportive and loving family was reassuring that what I had felt all of those times talking with them over the phone was in fact, REAL!  Without further ado, I welcome you to Mr + Mrs Mizsei’s Oregon Wedding…

Aren’t they so sweet? I truly want to thank both Bryant + Megan and their family and friends for welcoming Dennis and I with open arms and being so sweet! We felt at home and it was a pleasure to capture just a small part of your Love Story together!

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